I’ve been a CTMH consultant since May 2014. I decided to become a consultant, even against my better judgement, because I fell in love with CTMH’s products. They are beautiful, durable, and well-priced, particularly in relation to other companies’ products. I feel like I can fully endorse everything without worrying about customer satisfaction.

I have a busy family life centered around three children, so carving out time for creativity can be difficult. As a consultant, I can help people preserve their memories and I can be creative. As a mother, one of my top priorities is to leave my children with the knowledge that I loved them more than anything else; I want them to know what they were like as babies, when they learned to walk or lost their first tooth, whether they loved bath time or screamed bloody murder, what their favorite books were, and if they liked peas. I want to them to know how much they made me laugh (and yes, cry!), and how much fun they were. My mother is deceased so I can’t ask her all of these questions, and I often wish I knew what I was like in my youngest years. Scrapbooking has allowed and will continue to allow me to provide this gift to my children.


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